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24.02.2021 Final Consortium Meeting
27.01.2021 Online Consortium Meeting was held
12.01.2021 eDrone Online Meeting with Belarusian Colleagues
14.01.2021 Meeting with Armenian and Moldavian Colleagues
13.01.2021 eDrone Online Meeting with Georgian Colleagues
24.11.2020 Online Meeting with Belorussian Colleagues
20.11.2020 Impact monitoring online meeting in Moldova
13.11.2020 Online Meeting with Moldavian Colleagues
03.11.2020 Online Meeting with Georgian Colleagues
20.10.2020 Online Meeting with Armenian Colleagues
27.10.2020 Online Meeting with Belarussian Colleagues
08-09.10.2020 Dissemination Workshop and Consortium Meeting
25.09.2020 - Online Meeting was held
25.09.2020 - Online Meeting
07.08.2020 - Online Meeting UNISAN - BTSU - BSU
29.07.2020_eDrone online Conference was held
01.07.2020_eDrone online Conference was held
29.11.2017 Dissemination Event at ASUE
2020.06.27 Announcement eDrone WP8 - Virtual Conference to be held Wednesday, July 1st 2020 at 10.30 Italian time
02.03.2020 The 4th CIA course was successfully accomplished at the OED at Moldova State University
21.02.2020 Discussions within the public lesson dedicated Educational for eDrone
17.02.2020 Start of Armenian CIA Courses
29.11.2019 The scientific-practical student conference organized by ACAPOL (Moldova)
12-15.06.2019 Workshop - Chisinau, Moldova,
04.03.2019: Start of the 2nd edition of the eDrone CIA courses at the Moldova State University (2)
03.07.2018 Visit of Prof. Pasuale Daponte to CTT Course (3)
News from CTT course
04.06.2018: Start of the CTT course at Moldova State University (2)
6-8.12.2017 - First Consortium Meeting Chisinau
11-14.07.2017 - Meeting Georgia Armenia
29.11.2017 - ASUE Hosted In-House Dissemination Event
14-15.02.2017 - Kick off meeting Yerevan,